Would you commit the first Wednesday of every month as a day to pray and fast for our community? 


BIG IDEA: A note from Stephan Tchividjian

Why now? Today, we sense God doing something incredible in our community. Though we live in challenging times, it’s in these time that we see God’s presence in ways often overlooked. It is not an accident that we are located in this part of the planet at this particular time.

Big Idea. Several great leaders in our community have spoken of the notion of creating some space around collaborative prayer. From this came the BIG IDEA: taking the first Wednesday of every month to pray and fast for our community. 

Get People Praying! Just imagine the entire Christian community in South Florida praying and fasting together – and how God will use that! Get your families, ministries, businesses, churches etc, involved. Our team will be praying for you on the first Wednesday of every month. We hope that you will be praying, too.

Text Reminders: for reminders and monthly prayer topics,  “opt in” by texting “praysf” to 97000.

So, that’s it. Let’s pray!


April 28th from 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM (doors open at 7:00 AM) 

The Fort Lauderdale Convention Center 

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A Prayer for the City of Fort Lauderdale from Mayor Jack Seiler

Almighty God, thank You for the blessings You have bestowed upon the City of Fort Lauderdale – our beautiful scenery, our wonderful climate, our abundant natural resources, our vibrant businesses, our great neighborhoods and our diverse community.

Keep our City on the path of truth and righteousness, protect us from evil and unite us in our journey to faithfully spread the virtues of peace, love and goodness. Fill us with Your grace, that we may continue to work in harmony toward a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

Bless our leaders – may they govern with wisdom, compassion and strength for the welfare of all;

Bless our police – may no harm come upon them as they protect our lives and keep our City safe;

Bless our firefighters and first responders – watch over them as they battle emergencies and deliver life-saving care to our loved ones;

Bless our employees – may we always acknowledge and appreciate their labor, service and hard work on our behalf;

Bless our judges – may they seek truth and justice, and impartially administer the law;

Bless our visitors – may the time spent in our City be relaxing, enjoyable and fulfilling, and may they travel safely;

Bless our parents and grandparents – may they provide our children with valuable life lessons and guide them toward a future filled with promise and opportunity;

Bless our teachers – may they impart knowledge and understanding, and instill honesty, integrity and respect in our students;

Bless our children – may they receive the love, nurturing and support they need to become responsible, contributing and successful adults;

Bless our Veterans – protect them as they go forth with courage and fortitude to defend our country and preserve our freedom;
Bless our community activists – may they raise the dialogue on issues of interest and concern with respect and tolerance for the viewpoints of others;

Bless our clergy – may they foster spiritual growth in our community through guidance, ministry and counsel;

Bless our volunteers – may their passion and commitment be an inspiration for others to join in giving back to the community;

Bless the homeless and less fortunate – may they find nourishment, shelter, support and hope;

Bless our community – may we embrace our diversity, value our differences, and ensure everyone has a voice in our governance, as we continue to make Fort Lauderdale an outstanding place to live, work, play, visit and raise a family.

We ask all this in your Holy Name. Amen.